Immediately Available in the San Fernando Valley

  • 3 Sub Trucks
  • 8 Flatbed's
  • 4 Light Duty Wreckers
  • 2 Medium Duty Wreckers
  • Heavy Duty Wrecker

As part of the United Road Towing Family we can offer you the Largest Fleet in California. We have at our disposal access to a fleet of trucks to immediately service the entire Southern California Area.

  • 20 Light Duty Wheel-Lift Trucks
  • 1 4x4 off-road recovery
  • 31 Light Duty Flatbed's
  • 6 Light Duty Wreckers
  • 6 Medium Duty Wreckers
  • 5 24/7 Road Service Trucks
  • 1 4-car carrier
  • 2 transport 5th wheel w/ trailers
  • 5 Semi Tractors
  • 4 48'-53' Landoll Trailers
  • 7 Heavy Duty Wreckers
  • 1 60-Ton Sliding Rotator Crane

Light Duty

Tow Trucks

Our fleet of light duty tow trucks is designed to haul all types of cars and light trucks with state-of-the-art wheel lift systems.

Flatbed Trucks

Our fleet of light duty flatbed trucks works well for hauling 4-wheel drive and specialty vehicles and we are experts in equipment and machinery hauling.

Pop-Up Dolly Wheels

Pop-up dolly wheels allow light duty vehicles to be towed with the wheels off the ground. This is especially helpful for 4-wheel/front drive cars and light duty trucks and vehicles that are disabled or have flat tires.


We specialize in damage-free motorcycle transport and have specific carriers designed to haul all makes and models of motorcycle.

Medium Duty

Tow Trucks

Our fleet of medium duty tow trucks can transport 1-ton utility trucks, cube and step vans, motor homes and trailers.

Flatbed Trucks

Our medium duty flatbed is designed to haul 1-ton trucks, equipment and machinery.

Certified Operators

Our operators are fully certified for up-righting, winching and safely returning vehicles to the roadway or job site.

Fleet Services

Full Service For Your Fleet

Our certified service and maintenance shop offers you expert service on most medium and heavy trucks. Use our service regularly or for emergencies… you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our top-rate service and very competitive pricing. Call us to quote a job or for your next maintenance project.

24/7 Fleet Service Experts

  • Reduce Downtime and Maintenance Costs
  • D.O.T. Inspection (Mobile Service Available)
  • Scheduled Maintenance (PM) Programs
  • Environmentally Safe Oil Recovery
  • Belt Inspection and Replacement
  • Hydraulic Fitting / System Service
  • Heating / Cooling System Service
  • Pump and Filter Maintenance
  • Alternator / Battery Service
  • Electrical System Service
  • Truck and Trailer Repair
  • Exhaust System Service
  • Air Conditioning (R134)
  • Brake System Service
  • Landing Gear Service
  • Certified Technicians
  • Drive Line Service
  • Freeze-up Service
  • In-house Welding
  • Clutch Repair

Industry Leading Insurance

We carry the highest levels of insurance so that your fleet is protected when we’re on the job.

24/7 Emergency Road Service | 365 Days Per Year

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